The rat and the Landlord.

Have you ever heard the story of the rat and the lethal landlord? Well, it is about a hungry rat and a belligerent house owner. Every night when the lights went off, the rat being hungry would stealthily sneak into the owner’s kitchen, eat most of the edibles, and destroy the inedible. To avoid this,... Continue Reading →


The pink of college

I have taken my medications for the day and I turned off my lights. I'm back home on leave and It is 7 pm in the evening. An idea. An old one. I picked up my phone and I went to PlayMusic app and typed Pink Floyd. I selected all songs of the artists and... Continue Reading →


I woke up today and plugged my earphones for a random song. Life has been difficult lately because of my career choices, relationships gone extremely wrong, inability to be good at the thing I think I can do best, social awkwardness, personality alterations as a result of moving to a new place, etc. Sometimes the... Continue Reading →

My last home. 

I don't understand if this is a never ending party or a fucked up suffering that I'm in at the moment. If it's a party, I don't like parties and if it's a suffering, unfortunately I have grown comfortable with that. I left my last rented house in the city of Bangalore three days ago and I... Continue Reading →

Right to write to provoke.

What's the point of writing down something that people will like? If they don't, they will rant and think, if they do, they will appreciate and that's the end of it. People don't talk about the good things as they talk about the negatives. The reason I don't read fucking news in the morning is... Continue Reading →

Here I am, this is me.

Hi folks! This blog is an egregious outcome of being relatively broke. While not a big fan of blogging, what option you've got than to bow to digital social attics when you're sucked in the cobwebs of an IT industry while simultaneously trying to fight the good fight. The good fight of not being a... Continue Reading →

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