Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name.

The Dominant Primordial Beast is an alter ego I picked up to disguise under the identity of someone like whom I’ve always wanted to be. This identity is a portrayal of blends of different people that I have wanted to be at one point of time. I can be anyone and nothing at all at the same time. It is a medium to let the beast unleash and roar as I silently scream poetry and music from my soul.

I like Bukowski with my beer and Salinger with my song,
Dylan in the day and a little Morrison to get along.

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This is an initiative for the appreciation of Indie films. I like to have my rice with my movies. With an excellent film, I devour on Chicken Biriyani. If the movie is very good, I like to have Egg Biriyani with it. I consume Kushka with a good movie and Curd rice with an average movie. This is a voice for new wave parallel cinema.

Once in a while I write about movies that do not come under independent cinema, but that’s because they deserve and need appreciation nevertheless.


“While my typewriter gently weeps”.

Say Hi to my brother typewriter Cassady on my Instagram poetry handle. He is one tough motherfucker!


This section of the blog will have anything I encounter or find fascinating about music, books, culture, and fashion.


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