I’m Kurt Cobain.

If you’re wondering about the title, it’s the haunting voice of kid Kurt form the movie Kurt Cobain : Montage of Heck. I remember getting real hooked when I first heard ‘Rape Me‘ and all of a sudden Nirvana became a badge of symbolism in my life. First time I read about Kurt was when I was going through this list of The 27 club on Google. I was always into The Doors and thus Jim Morrison, so while I knew Jim Morrison had died at an early age of 27, I was looking for other people who died at the same age and then I came across Nirvana’s face, the voice of youth in the 90s, Kurt Cobain, overdosed on this very day i.e. the 5th of April, 23 years ago. Eight years later, on the same day the front-man of Alice in Chains, Layne Staley died of the same reason, thus bringing down a beautiful season of grunge rock. Fun fact is that Mike McCready of Pearl Jam fame was born on the very same day.


I was curious about Nirvana’s music after hearing ‘Rape Me’ but the thing that really got me into the genius of Kurt was a very close friend of mine who is a mad shit crazy Kurt fan. He would always say that Kurt was the best thing rock could have had. So, I started reading about Kurt and his poetry and listening to more and more of Nirvana songs. There was an inexpressible pain in his voice that became the symbol of grunge music I had realized. I gifted the very same friend of mine, Kurt Cobain’s Journals on his birthday and I bet he would have cried reading it. Also, since I had gifted him, I borrowed it from him once he was done reading it.


Kurt Cobain Journals is a true collection of original Kurt’s personal dairy entries. It showcases his anguish and resistance against the society’s undesirable norms through his underappreciated poetry and personal entries. It also explains his idea of the music industry and tells us how his every action was guided by the bugging idea of not being a sell out and how it disordered his own life.


This is Kurt Cobain’s Journals and let me talk about it now. 

I could associate with Kurt through most of it and I think you might too. All his journal entries were written for himself and never with the objective of publishing it and still is far better than many works I’ve read which were written with the intention of publishing. A person can inflame so many hearts without even wanting to do so, by just being himself. This is a work of genius. It’s not even his work. These are just his mere writings never meant for publishing. We are intruders, invaders of his privacy and that’s the reason this entire book accounts to guilt reading.  It is an deeper look in the inside world of Kurt. 


Kurt’s Mr Moustache Comic Strip:


Media, sexists, family, pseudo-rock-stars, racists, corporate regimes, wh
ite-macho-hairy-sweaty-oppressors, representatives of gluttony, back-stabbers, heroine, love, you, me, all of us collectively killed him. We murdered what was sacred in him. At the end of the book I felt as if I lost a very good friend. While reading it I felt like we were in a conversation and towards the end it wasn’t the feeling of going towards the end. It was just normal jabbering but it wasn’t unintelligible. And then I reached the last page and it was over, as if he just died between these ongoing conversations. And I felt as if I lost a friend of mine. I felt as if he was just alive right before the last page.

Today, on his death anniversary, I feel the same. Rest in Peace dear Kurt.

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