In your honor

From being Nirvana’s ex-drummer to being Foo Fighters’ frontman, the man who used Grammy as a doorstop, Dave Grohl, has been a remarkable example of musician who switched bands along with their instruments and still made it big. Dropping out of school at seventeen, Grohl started his career as a drummer for an underground band named Scream; and along with them, he played and toured for four years behind the drum kit. As the Scream’s career was dwindling, Grohl auditioned for a then less celebrated band, Nirvana. Soon he joined Nirvana, and him with the bassist Krist Novoselic and frontman Kurt Cobain released the band’s sophomore album, Nevermind, which helped in populating the Seattle based grunge scene across the world, while Kurt Cobain became the voice of youth. During this time, Dave Grohl’s only identity could have been the drummer for Nirvana. Alongside playing for Nirvana, Dave recorded his own demo during that time, called Pocketwatch in which he wrote all the lyrics and played all the instruments himself.  It was after many years that it saw the light of the day.


After the unexpected and much publicized death of the Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, Dave worked on some motion picture soundtracks. He also started writing songs for which he himself played all the instruments, initially not sure whether they were being composed to be released or not. Eventually, he decided to release the songs under the name Foo Fighters, and thus created the band, in which instead of being behind the drums, he took up guitar and started singing. The band soon raise to fame because of this debut eponymous album which had an edge of punk fused with heavy metal just like the late 80s and early 90s grunge bands.

Apart from this, the Satan of Tenacious D in the pick of destiny (2006), Dave also did side projects with Queens of the Stone Age and Tenacious D. He also formed a super- group Them Crooked Vultures along with Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones. Meanwhile, Grohl also got into directing documentary on a LA based recording studio.

Dave is called as the nicest guy in Rock for many reasons and one being his acceptance of people for who they are.

We would have missed much good music if it were not for Dave Grohl and his band Foo Fighters. Yes, not Nirvana. I said, Foo Fighters.


Some fun facts about Dave Grohl:
  • He does not enjoy Japanese porn.
  • He loves Bangers and Beans from London in meal.
  • He likes The Spice Girls.
  • He has a complex about his large nostrils.
  • He chews gum during performance.

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