Into the Wild.

Well if something can speak to you, it is the moment when music hits you, and it does every time when there’s Eddie’s vocal behind the mike. His voice does speak for every one of us out there. Listen to the entire album Into the Wild by him irrespective of whether you have watched the movie or not. Radical and surreal yet so simple that it can reach out to the most naive and conservative of human being. There’s an inspirational and humanizing breeze that flows through your ears every time you pick this album. There’s an unspeakable and sublime beauty in every note and every word of this music. And while I’m totally aware of how senseless it is to put these silly points out for you people to read them, I’m doing this just so you listen to this soundtrack or watch the movie or read the novel. Everything associated with Christopher McCandless will inspire you to be a better a person than you already are.


  1. Society, you know society! Well don’t give a damn about it.

You see, society will try the most possible of what it has got to whack the most revolutionary hearts. You don’t need to think what everyone‘s going to think about you, because if you think about that then what will everyone else think about? Think about it. (I heard this somewhere and it sounded apt so I used it).

  1. It’s not about being first or last.

We need to stop thinking about first or last, right or wrong. All we need is to just do things, good deeds, irrespective of the outcome. And just go on doing it. “…for me it begins at the end of the road, we come and go”, End of the road, Into the Wild (OST).

  1. Indignation prone mind doesn’t mean it isn’t pure.

For instance take Chris McCandless. There was a certain force of anger driving him towards wilderness, but every person that he crossed paths with during his journey said that he was an amazing soul. Stop judging humans. (Stop judging, humans).


  1. There’s no harm in falling.

Till you have the guts to get back and fall again until you succeed, failure is beautiful, a preacher, and a teacher.

“…keep setting forth in the universe.”

  1. “If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed.”

Quoting Leo Tolstoy, you cannot deny the sweet little pleasures of life just because you have to complete your job assignment by Monday. You cannot give yourself to your downfalls or for that matter of fact anything.

  1. There’s an unknown beauty in being a loner.

By choice or not, being alone will always get the better out of you than what you were before. So, there’s no harm to that.

“I’ll take this soul that’s inside me now, like a brand new friend I’ll forever know”, Long Nights, Into the Wild (OST).


Every element of this story is an inspirational journey to unknown. It beautifully expresses the desire for better humanity where we love and feed each other notwithstanding culture, religion, race or anything which we think differentiate us.

It will make you a better human being.


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