My David don’t you worry, this cold world is not for you.


It would not be wrong to say that the music industry would have been entirely different today if David Bowie was not born. In his career span of over five decades, Bowie had influenced the musicians not just in their art, but also in their personality. Many musicians that we come across today would agree that a little part of them has been a by-product of Bowie’s influence on not only their music, but on their disposition too.  It was his genius of inculcating different forms of art and bringing them all together at a time on stage.

One of the most efficient masters of practicing alter egos, Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust was indeed a revolution in the era of glam rock. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars was one of the very first Sci-fi concept albums that changed the perception of rock industry. More than just a musician Bowie can be regarded as a pioneer of unconventionality who introduced a new art form by mingling weird fashion with music. His stage antics along with his UK singles chart entries soon made him one of the world’s bestselling music artists. Bowie was more about experimentation rather than about compositions, but in his case, it was just that experimenting with music always produced a positive output. He was pure genius and the fact that he did not narrow down his virtue to just one form of music, made him an innovator, an innovator of music.

In the 70s, in an interview with Playboy, Bowie declared himself bi-sexual during the time when this was still a taboo. He claimed that his sexuality was at times a consequence of his environment or situation. Bowie was one of the first people to make people realise that sexuality was not just a characteristic but also an exploration. His androgynous onstage persona was an inspiration to many performers who had been in chains because of their sexual orientation. There have been many claims of many people born in the fifties who turned out to be homosexuals regarding Bowie as their savior.


He always had something new for the audience, whether it was a new form of music, or fashion, or his movements. Bowie never restrained himself just to creating music but went on to act in cinemas. He did more than 30 movies in his lifetime while playing the lead in few of them. As we look now, after all these years, it can be concurred that Bowie was just trying to express himself through whatever medium he could.

His form of expression diversified over fashion, music, films, paintings, etc. He was just trying to bring revolution through art.

To confound Bowie just as a musician of popular culture would be a disregard of his virtue. Rather than just a rockstar, he was an icon who has created a magnificent cult in pop culture, and his legacy will live on that of the likes of Beethoven, or Mozart, or Paganini, or it is to be believed that it should.


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