Right to write to provoke.

What’s the point of writing down something that people will like?

If they don’t, they will rant and think, if they do, they will appreciate and that’s the end of it. People don’t talk about the good things as they talk about the negatives. The reason I don’t read fucking news in the morning is because it’s less of  news and more of stories which help the giants to fill in their pockets to have another expensive drink round the corner. The only reason the media man is able to feed his children today is because of the fact that a woman burnt herself alive a day before along with her children.

If there was more good in the world than bad, we would probably be low on economy.

Media is parasite thriving on psychopaths, terrorists, scams, scandals, while educational section, entertainment, Olympics, they are just appetizers for them.

I believe that a considerable amount of change can be brought not by someone who provokes people to think what they could have and they didn’t but maybe, what they couldn’t have but they did it because of some shit that person was courageous to pull off. I don’t see a sensible point of writing down something that people might like because if they liked it, they already had a similar thought in their mind which they unknowingly wanted someone to say for them. I’m not doing charity nor am I a fake leader.

I produced nothing if people unquestionably liked it. 


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