Here I am, this is me.

Hi folks!
This blog is an egregious outcome of being relatively broke. While not a big fan of blogging, what option you’ve got than to bow to digital social attics when you’re sucked in the cobwebs of an IT industry while simultaneously trying to fight the good fight. The good fight of not being a prestitute, the good fight of populating poetry, the good fight of not imbibing the idea of being drowned in the cosmos of mid life crisis and it’s delusional comforting banalities. Two days ago I was whoring my soul around the streets of my city, and drinking and watching live blues in bars, and now I’m living the blues. Not only that I’m low on money, but I’m low on character too. The only thing I think I’m high on currently is my self loathe along with a peg of cheap rum. My landlord has given me the deadline of moving out in ten days, a best friend of mine doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore, I don’t have a career, and I’m drinking in expensive bars while I see my future in the sands. The blues of my life singing out loud in a harsh voice, and I thought blues was to comfort the soul and not torture it with sweet silk kisses. I don’t know where to go from this, not in this piece, nor in my city, and neither in my life. I just guess I’ll find out soon and get back to you guys about it. Meanwhile, just know that this blog is more of an outrage than a collection of random pieces of poetry, porn, panties, puke, and pub experiences in the semi-punk city of Bangalore.


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