I woke up today and plugged my earphones for a random song. Life has been difficult lately because of my career choices, relationships gone extremely wrong, inability to be good at the thing I think I can do best, social awkwardness, personality alterations as a result of moving to a new place, etc. Sometimes the... Continue Reading →


In your honor

From being Nirvana’s ex-drummer to being Foo Fighters' frontman, the man who used Grammy as a doorstop, Dave Grohl, has been a remarkable example of musician who switched bands along with their instruments and still made it big. Dropping out of school at seventeen, Grohl started his career as a drummer for an underground band... Continue Reading →

Into the Wild.

Well if something can speak to you, it is the moment when music hits you, and it does every time when there’s Eddie’s vocal behind the mike. His voice does speak for every one of us out there. Listen to the entire album Into the Wild by him irrespective of whether you have watched the... Continue Reading →

My last home. 

I don't understand if this is a never ending party or a fucked up suffering that I'm in at the moment. If it's a party, I don't like parties and if it's a suffering, unfortunately I have grown comfortable with that. I left my last rented house in the city of Bangalore three days ago and I... Continue Reading →


This Nawazuddin starrer in the beginning looks like an euphemistic portrayal of tawdry events drawn together. Initially, the movie looks like marvelous pieces of Lego taken together so as to form an absurd looking flimsy tower, but as it proceeds it goes on to become quite sturdy in foundation and statuesque in nature. The ironical thing... Continue Reading →

Right to write to provoke.

What's the point of writing down something that people will like? If they don't, they will rant and think, if they do, they will appreciate and that's the end of it. People don't talk about the good things as they talk about the negatives. The reason I don't read fucking news in the morning is... Continue Reading →

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