Snakes and ladders

There are times when life seems all downhill, when every road feels like the old one, when you feel like you’re standing underneath dark clouds that subdue your strength, just know that every light is preceded by darkness and every night is followed by a ray of bright sun. One needs to keep going irrespective... Continue Reading →


The rat and the Landlord.

Have you ever heard the story of the rat and the lethal landlord? Well, it is about a hungry rat and a belligerent house owner. Every night when the lights went off, the rat being hungry would stealthily sneak into the owner’s kitchen, eat most of the edibles, and destroy the inedible. To avoid this,... Continue Reading →

The pink of college

I have taken my medications for the day and I turned off my lights. I'm back home on leave and It is 7 pm in the evening. An idea. An old one. I picked up my phone and I went to PlayMusic app and typed Pink Floyd. I selected all songs of the artists and... Continue Reading →


It might come as a surprise to you if I tell you that Bhansali's most under appreciated drama till date is de facto by far his best work of art. The most ironical thing about Guzaarish is that even though it is about the protagonist of the drama filing a petition for killing himself, despite... Continue Reading →

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